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March 01 2020

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The Matrix


Dir. Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski

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February 27 2020


A Clockwork Orange by James Hobson

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February 26 2020

February 25 2020

NASA icon Katherine Johnson has died at the age of 101


An inspirational “Hidden Figure” and a key player in sending the first humans to the moon, mathematician Katherine Johnson died February 24 at the age of 101.

Born in West Virginia in 1918, her aptitude for math was evident at an early age. In 1953, she took a job at NASA’s predecessor NACA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, at Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. There, she joined a group of other African-American women known as “computers” who performed calculations for the space program before electronic computers went mainstream.

During the Space Race era, Johnson performed essential calculations of flight trajectories, including the 1961 flight of the first American in space, Alan Shepard. Famously, at the personal request of astronaut John Glenn, she checked by hand the calculations for his 1962 orbit of Earth, although NASA had begun using electronic computers by then. “If she says they’re good,’” Glenn reportedly said, “then I’m ready to go.”

Unlike the astronauts whose flight paths she calculated, Johnson worked in relative obscurity.  But that changed after a 2016 book and film, both titled Hidden Figures, profiled Johnson and other black women at NASA (SN: 12/23/16). Almost overnight, Johnson became a household name and a celebrated figure of science. Johnson received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, had NASA buildings named after her and even had a LEGO figure created in her likeness.

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‘Blade Runner’ by Christopher Cox

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Live from the Moon

February 23 2020

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comics, biology,

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February 22 2020


I had more screenshot redraws of BTTF

February 20 2020

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A sequel to my “adult fantasy books by authors that aren’t straight white men,” this time for sci-fi!

These are probably skewed more towards modern authors and books, but that’s because I tend to read newer stuff, not because only men or only white people wrote sci-fi in the past. 

Authors and books below the cut, including links to Goodreads. I’m not providing trigger warnings (if I make the post too long Tumblr starts freaking out about it), but you can use the search function on Goodreads reviews to find more specifics.

Keep reading

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February 18 2020

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Meet the unknown female mathematician whose calculations helped discover Pluto

“Ninety years ago today (Feb. 18), astronomer Clyde Tombaugh gathered the data that proved the existence of what would eventually be dubbed Pluto — but it wouldn’t have been possible, astronomers have since realized, without the calculations of a mathematician whom history has forgotten.

That mathematician was Elizabeth Williams, who worked for astronomer Percival Lowell, who first theorized the existence of a ninth planet. Lowell died before his successor, Tombaugh, finally spotted the elusive Pluto, but both men relied on calculations that Williams made. But the math got lost in the discovery it enabled, and so did Williams.”

February 17 2020

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Klaus Wittmann https://ift.tt/2HnMWkc February 14, 2020 at 02:23AM

+visit our fellow Goethepunk art page

Knights of Purity strike team…

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February 16 2020

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Lord Nibbles just wants to play

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