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July 25 2017

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pay phones designed for Blade Runner

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Minimal Space - minimalist science fiction film poster number 8
The Martian

I didn’t really enjoy the film as much as the book, but a poster is a poster ;)

July 24 2017

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Black Market Raid

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Interstellar - minimalist poster

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A little comic I made for Art Review

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paragade girl

July 23 2017

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Aliens - minimalist poster

Reposted byMonk42000 Monk42000
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Valerian - art by Jean-Claude Mézières (c.1972)

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July 22 2017

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Minimal Space number 10 - Gravity

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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

From the reviews, the film seems to have some flaws (the main actor and the script) with also an interesting visual universe.  Some reviewers liked it:  “one of the most gorgeous fantasies to hit the screen in recent memory”  (Sobczynski), Some say it’s a mess…. I’m interested to see it, but it’s not presented in my town actually.   

July 21 2017

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Minimal Space number 11 - Ender’s Game
I loved the book and pretty much enjoyed the film. Though judging by the silence in the subject of sequels, I’m guessing not many liked this film.

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Filming the AT-ATs for the Hoth battle in The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

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A busy day on the Moon in 1999 space art by Robert McCall.

July 20 2017

To navigate in the age of sail, sailors threw a log overboard, and measured their speed by how fast a rope attached to the log paid out.  This speed (measured in knots, as in knots in the rope) was recorded in the log book.  That’s where the verb “to log” comes from, and that’s why we now “log in.”




Most etymologies that sound this cute and tidy are myths but this one seems to be real.  AHOY!  

Here’s Lady Washington’s chip log

And here’s how they work (as shown on Black Sails)

Makeen sure ye know what yer captain be askin for when ye login!

July 19 2017

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Happy 50th Birthday, Star Trek ☄️

i’m incredibly glad that i am a part of a fandom of such history and inspiration!!


July 18 2017

July 17 2017

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Martin Landau (June 20, 1928 - July 15, 2017)

“ We’re all aliens, until we get to know one another.”  -Commander John Koenig

Rest In Peace, Commander.

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