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July 09 2017

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This is the quality art you all signed up for 🌓🌒🌑

July 08 2017

July 07 2017

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Evangelion Asuka & Rei

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sleeping beauty

July 06 2017

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Graffiti Covered Earth: acrylic on panel: by Josh Keyes

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July 05 2017

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July 04 2017

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An alternate universe where Vader knows his kids, makes dinners and doesn’t approve of Leia’s boyfriend.

Bonus: Later that night while Han is sleeping


My Star Wars tag

I wasn’t gonna reblog this, but then, “use the forks”…

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thank you for 10 , 000 c:

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July 03 2017

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So hairless bulldog bats live in symbiosis with these big, pale earwigs who feed harmlessly on the bat’s dead skin flakes, oil and guano, but the bats have their own species of flea, and because the bats don’t have hair, the fleas ride around on the earwigs when they’re not biting the bats.

The fleas also very frequently fall off the bats and land on the cave floor, but fleas don’t fly and they can’t climb the smooth rock walls, so they hide in the bat’s guano wating for another earwig to come by.

All three animals in this relationship are beautiful and perfect and great

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ART: “Cowboy Pitstop”  by Phil Dragash

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July 02 2017

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This comic is for my father, a physicist, and long-time supporter of my art career.

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July 01 2017

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June 30 2017

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