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Tags and theme

Hello all you FYSF followers, a bit of an announcement. We now have a tags page, for you to explore the content of the blog. Here it is:


I had to place it on an external site because Tumblr won’t allow more than 250 links on any page. Welp. Not everything is tagged though, still slowly going thru the archives. Will let you know when everything is up to date.

Also we have a new theme for the web version, it feels more like the archive, tiled mosaic and infinte scrolling. 

And laslty we are coming up to 17K posts and 35K followers! Awesome! I wanna thank everyone who follows, likes, reblogs and shares, you guys are all awesome, thanks for spreading the sci-fi love ♥

Be sure to hit those ASK and SUBMIT buttons if anything crosses your mind.

- totalinterferencia

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