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September 01 2017

August 31 2017

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Back to the Future (1985)

August 30 2017

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The Vindicator (1986) aka Frankenstein ‘88

A  Canadian cyborg movie, made before Robocop.  Like Murphy, the protagonist is killed by a corporation to become a machine, but the way he interacts with the computer part of himself is different.  This is an interesting B-movie, quite cheesy, with some good moments.  The director managed to make some nice shots, despite the limited budget. The suit was designed by Stan Winston.  

In this article (in French), the director, Jean-Claude Lord, explains that he tried to improve the original scenario, made for cheap exploitation.  He wanted to develop the characters a little more, but he didn’t have the final cut.  

The movie, never released on DVD, was hard to find, but it’s now on youtube. If you are an amateur of obscure 80′s sci-fi, this is worth watching.   

(Thanks to conscientia for the suggestion.)

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August 29 2017

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My cats an alien [ submission ]

by Albino Z 

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August 28 2017

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Yesterday, I saw Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, presented this week in my town.  I was curious, despite the mixed reviews.  

So, this is my opinion:

The visuals are often good, some nice designs for the aliens, clothes, objects and settings.  A good intro scene and an O.K. beginning. There is an interesting planet with a concept worthy of a Doctor Who episode.  After that, on the gigantic space station, things are often less original.  

Dane DeHaan is miscast as Valerian.  He is supposed to play a great spatio-temporal agent and seducer (this is what the other characters say) but he looks more like an annoying teenager who tries to impress a girl.  (His lines are terrible, so I don’t know if an other actor could have do much better). The pretty Cara Delevingne is sympathetic, but her limited range of expression quickly makes her dull.  

Some secondary actors (Clive Owen, Ethan Hawke and others) are a little more lively than the main actors. The Rihanna part is mostly embarrassing.  

For the story, there are a few interesting ideas here and there. The main story is not particularly original, most of the actions scenes are not very engaging. The dialogues are bad, the humor fell flat.  There are many problems. Just a small sample: Valerian and Laureline are part of a military organisation, but when they work with soldiers, they don’t seem to care at all for their lives.  Did Luc Besson present his script to someone else before making the movie ?  

So, this is a bad film.  Worth a watch for the visuals (at low price or on tv) if you really like sci-fi or as an exercice for storytellers: trying to find what goes wrong with this film. This is sad because Luc Besson had the money and the team to do something better. 

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One of my favorite wallpapers.

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Today’s SFAM is about classic 80s scifi movie The Last Starfighter


August 27 2017

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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)

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Support Green Women

August 26 2017

August 25 2017

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Post Apo Girls by Serge Birault

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Choose your own Walter. Created to serve.

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How To Build A Human

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